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Graphics & Web Developer, Account Executive
Creativity is Intelligence...
I started in the advertising, printing and graphic design industry in 1975. Does anybody remember Cold-Type? Photo-Engraving? Paste-up and mechanicals?

I am a web developer with the experience to help you understand all you want to know about having a website. Most people are not familiar with how web sites are created, so the process can be a little intimidating. I take that into account and want to make sure you have a clear understanding of what you’re getting.

Experience is a powerful asset in your corner.

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Creative Director, Photographer
...Having Fun
Angela is an award winning creative idea person with experience in advertising, design, branding, marketing, photo and video production and so much more! From concept to completion, she has the expertise and the resources to get the job done.

Angela’s career started at the age of 13 where she worked for her Dad’s ad agency in Manhattan honing her craft and learning the value of building client relationships. From there she went on to become an Imagineer for Walt Disney, where her passion for design collided with her love of animation. She would later implement that love of animation into the first strictly digital magazine, VIV MAG, winning the Cannes Cyber Lion for the first animated magazine cover for the ipad.

As a business consultant, Angela has the ability to identify additional revenue streams that you may be leaving on the table. When she’s not helping entrepreneurs build and develop their brand, she can be spotted photographing dead trees, enjoying a meal with friends or watching a movie.

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Clients x Creativity = Happy
“After talking with Angela about my business goals, a world of possibilities opened that has positioned me to now expand my business with multiple streams of income. Angela has a unique gift in conceptualizing the big picture from where you’re standing and creating a strategic plan for achieving your goals. Angela is focused, inspiring, and a delight to work with. I highly recommend her services for anyone wanting to take their business to the next level.”

Carol Aron

-Creator of Connecting Your Dots
It doesn't matter where you live-Paul can design a website for you! Paul is open to new ideas, flexible and listens to what the client wants. The distance was never an issue as he implemented technology so that we could share screens, pass documents back and forth quickly and get the website done on a short timeline. I highly recommend Paul!


Business Owner at The Wisdom Kitchen
“Angela’s design, photography, copywriting and video expertise helped me to produce some key elements of my marketing plan. After discussing my goals, we focused on specific pieces in which her skills brought them together with ease and efficiency. Investing in her services is an investment in your business.”Lisa Loprieno, Realtor
“As a professional fashion and beauty photographer, I have worked with Angela for many years on various photo shoots as my creative director. She has a great eye, thinks out of the box and most importantly can convey what she wants. This, of course, helps in getting the job done. Highly professional, Angela always manages to make everything work. She is also kind, considerate and has the highest work ethics.”

Gail Hadani

President, Gail Hadani Ltd.
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